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COVID-19 response** At this time SATs are being administered online through the summer and are still highly suggested for all of our TCHS students even with the new UC guidelines - should you need a fee waiver to register for your SAT, please email Mrs. Tracy Ward for a fee waiver code.
The PSAT (practice test for the SAT) is available to sophomores and juniors at TCHS for free on our annual College Kickoff Day.   When students write in their e-mail address on the PSAT answer sheet, College Board will send them an access code to retrieve their scores online.  If students upload their scores to Khan Academy, they will provide you will a free personalized study plan.  Preparation is and key to a great SAT score!
SAT not right for you? Take the ACT! Not sure which test is right for you? Talk to your counselor.
Tip: If applying to more than one CSU campus, enter the code 3594 as you register for the SAT.  This will send your results to all CSU campuses.  It will save you time later. If you are applying to NCAA, enter the code 9999 as you register for the SAT.
Fee waivers are available to students who qualify for our districts free and reduced lunch program or income verification.  See Mrs. Ward in the Success Center for fee waivers.  The above websites also give information on what qualifies a student for a fee waiver.

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Your PSAT score is linked to Khan Academy for SAT preparation.