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TCHS 3 Year Technology Plan - Measure V at work

TCHS has a plan to use Measure V funds for the acquisition of new devices for student use along with professional development to train teachers in the use of current technology. You can view the 3 year tech plan by clicking the link to the right. If you have questions about the plan please send an email to assistant principal Mr. Wonacott.


Temescal Canyon High – Student Guide to Technology

You and technology at TCHS
TCHS believes that students need to use digital technology as a personal skill for the present and the future. Most classes will require one or more assignments to be produced using a computer. Many resources exist at Temescal Canyon to help you do these assignments as well as help you keep up on other school activities. This guide is to help you understand what is available and how to use it.
What computer use is expected of students?
Class work: Most classes will require that you use computers or other digital technology (like calculators) to complete assignment. These completed assignments will be turned in many different ways. Some teachers want you to email them and some want them printed. Our district is working on providing an electronic folder for you to use. These assignments can use a wide variety of software including word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software.
Benchmark Projects: At TCHS we have skills and attitudes that we want all students to learn. Teachers refer to them as State Standards. You will probably know them as benchmark projects that you will complete in required classes as well as in many elective classes. These projects will represent your best work or your personal goals and achievements. These projects will usually be some form that can be digitally saved as a document or maybe a picture.What does TCHS provide to help me achieve my goals and complete my class work?
Internet: High speed Internet access is available all over the campus in classrooms, labs and the Media and Career Centers. You and your parents will be required to sign an agreement to not abuse this privilege.
Email: Email certainly is one of the most common uses of computer and internet technologies used in business and by students. Unfortunately, email can bring with it a host of problems. Because of these problems, you can only send email to teachers from home.
Internet Connections: On the Titan Web there are links to internet resources that teachers have created. Many times these links work much better than using a search engine like Google.
Micrograde: Micrograde is a teacher grade book program. Many teachers use it to keep records of assignment and test grades and to calculate your class grades. If a teacher uses this system, they will provide you with a password and a website address where you can see your class assignment grades as well as compare your grades to the class an averages.     
Printing: Printing an assignment using a laser printer costs money. TCHS offers printing for student papers in the Media Center at a nominal charge. The costs will reflect the charge for supplies. You will need to have the files saved on your Titan web account to be able print using the Media Center thin-clients as there are no floppy or CD-ROM drives on these machine
Cell Phones (Electronic Signaling Devices)
Legislation allows students to have cell phones on campus for emergency situations. It is acceptable for students to use them during lunch or break only. While in class, cell phones must remain turned off and put away. Students may not have cell phones out during class for checking time, calculating, picture taking, text messaging, incoming/outgoing calls, or for any other reason.
The school strongly discourages bringing any electronic devices to school that have no educational purpose. This includes any audio or any video devices such as headphone, MP3 players, IPODS and CD players, games, etc. If you choose to bring a cell phone or any other electronic device, you do so at your own risk. The school does not have the staffing to investigate or be responsible for loss or theft of any electronic devices. Any loss or theft of any item will be reported to the school resource officer.
Education Code Section 51512 provides for disciplinary action to be taken if a student uses, without expressed permission from a teacher, any electronic recording or listening device.
1st Offense:      
Device may be confiscated and will be returned to the student at the end of the day
2nd Offense:       
Device may be confiscated and must be picked up by a parent.
Additional offenses:
May result in suspension for defiance.