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School Vision

Temescal Canyon High School Vision
The vision of Temescal Canyon High school is to provide interdisciplinary instruction and curriculum that is challenging, innovative and globally minded.  Each student’s success both in high school and in future endeavors is reinforced through the partnership of home, school and community.

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results
Temescal Canyon High School graduates will be:
Individuals with academic skills who:

1-1              read — locate, understand and interpret written information
in prose and in documents such as manuals, graphs and schedules

1-2             write — communicate thoughts, ideas, information and messages in writing

1-3             listen, interpret, evaluate and respond to the message of others

1-4             conduct inquiry and research and show independence in learning
1-5             demonstrate proficiency in mathematical computation and reasoning
1-6             use critical thinking skills to gather, evaluate, process and synthesize information
1-7             implement and use current technology to develop, create and produce intellectual, artistic, practical and physical works
1-8             speak – deliver effective oral presentations, tailored to the audience and purpose
Healthy individuals who:

2-1             establish, practice and support appropriate hygiene, proper nutrition, and physical fitness
2-2           are able to recognize a health hazard and work to eliminate it from their lives and from the environment
2-3            demonstrate skills in dealing with stress, exhibiting self‑discipline, and resolving conflicts through positive, nonviolent alternative actions
Lifelong learners who:

3-1             take responsibility for setting lifelong goals for personal and professional growth and develop plans to achieve these goals
3-2            promote ongoing self‑evaluation and reflection regarding goals and objectives
3-3            are aware of the connection between academic performance and the pursuit of a selected career
3-4            display integrity and honesty in both the classroom and the community
3-5            are accepting of the perspectives, values and traditions of other individuals and communities
3-6            have the independence to explore new roles, ideas and strategies.
  Collaborative workers who:
4-1             use effective communication skills to work as a team to solve problems with people who have different beliefs and values
4-2           use effective group skills, such as delegation and acceptance of responsibility in order to establish and accomplish significant goals
4-3            display empathy, compassion and respect towards the needs and feelings of others.
 Community contributors who:

5-1             contribute their time, energies and talents to improve the quality of life in our school, communities, nation and world
5-2            demonstrate positive, productive and informed citizenship

“Setting the Standard For Excellence”