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Why choose a CTE pathway? Watch this short video:
Career and Technical Education, or CTE, is a program of study that involves a multiyear sequence of courses that integrates core academic knowledge with technical and occupational knowledge to provide students with a pathway to post secondary education and careers.
Students must complete a full pathway in order to receive pathway credit. Pathways usually consist of introductory, concentrator, and capstone courses. Students must complete at least two of the classes in a sequence of 3 or 4 in order to consider their pathway complete and receive credit.
Introductory Course - A CTE beginning level course that contains introductory concepts required to build foundational and general knowledge.
Concentrator Course - A CTE course beyond the introductory level that is intended to provide more in-depth instruction and exploration of a specific industry sector.
Capstone Course - The final course in a planned sequence of courses that provides a rigorous and intensive culmination of a course of study.
In short, when students complete a CTE pathway and other criteria they are prepared for college and a career.
These are the CTE pathways offered at Temescal Canyon High School:
Sports Medicine (10th) → Medical Terminology (11th) → Medical Scribe (12th)
There are several ways to complete the Engineering pathway.  They are:
•Intro to Engineering Design → CAD/CAM Engineering → Adv. CAD/CAM Engineering
•Intro to Engineering Design → CAD/CAM Engineering → CTE Internship

Titan Engineering Website: http://tiny.cc/tchsengineering
Welding and Materials Joining 1 → Welding and Materials Joining 2 → Fabrication
Completed pathway can result in certification, see instructor for details.

Earn College Credit

All CTE pathways at Temescal Canyon High School are fully articulated with various community colleges.  Students earn college credit by completing specific requirements set forth in each class.  Those credits are then transferable to virtually any university in the United States.  Most courses allow students to earn 3 units per year, but this can vary.  Contact the individual instructors for more details.

Titan Engineering Website: