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MSJC Concurrent Enrollment

The concurrent packet can be submitted online. The steps a high school student needs to do is apply to MSJC online, fill out the concurrent packet, get the signatures for the concurrent packet, send official transcript. Official transcript will need to be sent either though an online service like Parchment or be mailed to enrollment services (or uploaded to MSJC HUB). We recommend sending official transcript through an online transcript service. After this is done, the student will then need to upload the concurrent packet to the HUB (online uploading portal). Please go to the link below. 


https://msjc.edu/hub/ (Links to an external site.)


Once you are there, you will click where it says Enrollment Services. It will then expand. You will then click where it says Secure Document Upload. Once you are on the Document Submission form, you will fill out the boxes with your information. To upload the document, you will click where it says Upload Enrollment Services Documents. Then you will click where it says Attachments, you will upload the document and then go to the bottom of the page and click submit.


Students receive registration appointment once they apply to MSJC and do the online orientation. They will need the concurrent packet to be approved before they can register. When the packet gets approved, we input that into the system which clears them to register. We do notify the student about the approval, it should be either through email or a phone call. Once we have the official transcript, necessary documents and the concurrent packet, the director will review it. The decision will be base on the information on the transcript, other documentation(if applicable) and the specific class the students are trying to take. If the students are trying to take a class with a prerequisite then they will need to submit a prerequisite challenge form which I have included the link below. An example of a class with a prerequisite is Econ 202, Engl 101. If you submit the concurrent packet without the prerequisite challenge form and we need it then an Enrollment Service representative will reach out to the student. 


Concurrent packet: https://msjc.edu/enroll/high-school-students.html (Links to an external site.)

High School Student Enrollment Information - Mt. San Jacinto College (Links to an external site.)

Home; Enroll at MSJC; High School Student Enrollment Information; High School Student Enrollment Information. If you’d like to get a jump on your college education, Mt. San Jacinto College can provide you the opportunity to begin your college education while completing your high school diploma.




Prerequisite form: https://msjc.edu/enroll/documents/ChallengeForm2012.pdf (Links to an external site.)

Term - Mt. San Jacinto College (Links to an external site.)

*You must provide an official transcript to Enrollment Services . Check documents attached: High School Transcript College Transcripts (official or unofficial) AP, SAT, EAP or other test scores


Online application: https://msjc.edu/enroll/

For more information about Concurrent Enrollment, call 951-639-5204.