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Club Forms and Information

American Sign Language Club
Black Student Union
Hispanic/Latino Student Union
Latinx Club
Asian Student Union
IB Club
National Honor Society
California Scholarship Federation
Interact Club
Titans for Christ
HOSA- Future Health Professionals
College, Career, Life Club
Debate Club
Due to COVID 19 and us not being on campus, our club forms have changed for this year.  All clubs this year are considered SPECIAL INTEREST CLUBS and must complete the 1 page special interest club charter form below.  NO CLUBS are able to fundraise or spend money until we are back on campus.  Once we get back on campus, you will have the option of turning your club into a financial club.
NEW- 10/12/20- Financial Club Forms are now Available- If your club will be a financial club, you are now able to do ONLINE ONLY fundraising. In order to get approved, you must complete the FINANCIAL CLUB forms in the packet below.  Then, you must complete a fundraising request form for your online fundraiser.  These must be 100% online with no pick-up or delivery of items by students.  DO NOT START A FUNDRAISER UNTIL IT IS APPROVED AS ADMIN. AND THE DISTRICT MUST APPROVE ALL FUNDRAISERS!
Here are some important reminders:
Fall Semester 2020
- Club Charters must be done every year.  
- Club officers must attend monthly club council meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. (see Club Council meeting dates below)
- No money can be fundraised or spent during the fall semester.
Spring Semester 2020 (if we are back on campus)
- Clubs must submit a financial club packet IF they want to change their status from a special interest club to a financial club.  If you DO NOT want to fundraise or spend money, you do not need to submit any additional paperwork.
- If we do not return to on campus instruction, all clubs will remain special interest clubs for 2nd semester.
- PO's must be submitted by Monday to be approved at Wednesday's business meeting.
- NEVER purchase anything for your club without prior approval of your purchase order.
- Always have minutes that reflect your club purchases to attach to your PO requests.
2020-2021 Club Council Meeting Dates
September 16
October 21
November 18
December 9 (2nd Wednesday due to Finals)
January 20
February 17
March 17
April 21
May 19
Want to join an existing club?  See our list of clubs here.