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Senior Activities

Open Campus (for lunch only) is a privilege granted to Seniors who meet certain criteria. In order to apply, click on the link above and follow the directions.
All seniors have the option to purchase and paint a senior parking spot for the year.  This is a reserved spot that will be theirs during school hours for the whole year.  The funds raised from parking spot sales go directly back to the senior class to fund their end of the year events.
To get a spot, seniors must submit their name and attend the parking lottery on Monday August 23rd.  This year's lottery will be held at 7:30 am in the big gym.  Only those seniors who are wishing to get a spot will be able to attend and student's absence from 1st period will be excused.   See the directions below and the senior parking map for more information.

Directions to get a Senior Parking Spot: 

1) Complete this link to submit your name for the lottery by midnight on August 20th.   You must use your LEUSD e-mail account to submit the form.   The link will be sent out on parent square and will be on the senior page class on our website. https://forms.office.com/r/LMJGwCRQ76 

2) Attend the lottery on August 23rd.  If you are unable to attend the lottery, a friend or parent can choose your spot for you. 

3) AFTER the lottery, you will complete the senior parking paperwork and pay for your spot.  This can be done that day, or anytime before August 26th.  At the end of the day on August 26th, all unpaid for spots will be available for those who did not attend the lottery.  

The seniors will be able to paint their parking spots on August 28th from 8am-12noon. Students must provide all painting supplies that they need for their parking spot.  More information will be given at the senior parking lottery on 8/23.
Senior Parking
Important Dates for the CLASS OF 2022:
August 20th- Senior Sunrise & Walk in Pep Rally
August 23rd-  Senior Parking Lottery - 7:30 am- Big Gym
August 26th- Deadline to pay for senior parking spots- $40 or $35 w/ an ASB card
August 27th- Senior Parking spots are released to those who want one (first come, first served)
August 28th- Senior Paint Party- 8am-12noon
October 15th- Homecoming Football Game- 7:00 pm
October 16th- Homecoming Dance- 7:00 pm
October 28th- Tame the Tiger Night Rally- 7:00 pm
December 15th- Deadline to take Senior pictures