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Senior Class Image
***Important: High heels may not be worn onto the field, please wear flats or tennis shoes***
Graduation Photos
Graduation Photos will be taken by Cherished Memories photography at both graduations.  To see your photos after graduation, text LETC21 to 90738.
Graduation Photos
Graduation Seating
All seniors have been assigned a graduation time and row #.  Please check this seating list and make sure you know your row and time.  
9 am Ceremony- students should arrive between 8-8:15 am and check-in in the big gym.  Stadium gates open at 8:30 am for guests.
12 noon Ceremony- students should arrive between 11- 11:15 am and check-in in the big gym.  Stadium gates open at 11:30 am for guests.
Each graduate will be issued 4 tickets for graduation. These are assigned seats and cannot be shared with other families.  Graduation tickets and wristbands will be given to seniors at senior check-out with their counselor.  Counselors are scheduling their own check-out appointments May 24th-27th.  Be on the lookout for specific information via parent square and email.
Graduation Seating Map
Honor Cord Verification
Seniors are eligible to graduate with honors in one or more departments.  Department chairs submit qualified student names to administration.  But, to ensure that no senior is missed, we have an Honor Cord verification process.  To confirm your eligibility for Honor Cords, please complete the Honor Cord Verification form found to the right.  This must be submitted along with a copy of your transcript to Mrs. Ward via e-mail to Tracy.ward@leusd.k12.ca.us.   Verification forms are due by March 26th. 
Senior College Banners

Temescal Canyon HS would like to honor our seniors acceptance into your preferred college or military branch by having TCHS sponsor the production of College/Military acceptance banners. They are customized and will be hung around campus throughout the school year and displayed at the senior walk- out rally and graduation ceremony.  After the graduation ceremony, they will be picked up by your family as a keep-sake. These are a great way to celebrate your college choice and the transition to a new chapter in your life.  Banners are currently on sale for only $45. Please fill out the electronic form below Banners must be ordered by May 10th to be hung up at graduation. Order early though so yours can be displayed at school.



College Banner
Cap and Gowns Orders: 
All students must order a cap and gown for graduation.  Gowns can be purchased or borrowed.  All students MUST register at www.socalrecognition.com  and then complete an online order form.  There are 2 ways to do this:
1) Purchasing a Cap/Gown Unit:  Information on graduation items for purchase can be obtained from www.socalrecognition.com.    After you have registered, all of the items for Temescal Canyon's graduation and optional items for your student will show up there. Complete your purchase through the online portal.  The cap/gown package INCLUDES everything you need for graduation- cap/gown/tassel/medallion.  No need to purchase additional items unless you want them.
There are several promotional codes offered by Socal Recognition that you can use.  Type the promo code in at the conclusion of your order.
25OFFDIP = 25% OFF Custom Diploma Plaques
SpringGrad21 = 10% OFF Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Packages
ColdNights20 = 20% OFF Senior Sherpa Pullover OR Senior Performance Hoodie Sweatshirt
**Promo Codes are applicable through March 1, 2021 and must be applied at the time of checkout (cannot be applied retroactively once an order is completed).**
2) Borrowing a Cap/Gown: If borrowing a gown, loaner gown order forms must be completed and turned in electronically to Socal Recognition.  The Loaner cap/gown form can be found to the right.  Please complete this form if you are borrowing a gown from a friend or family member as well.  This ensures that we have a medallion and 2021 tassel for you.  The loaner cap/gown package also includes everything needed for graduation- cap/gown/tassel/medallion and there is NO COST to you to borrow a cap/gown.  Loaner gowns will be returned after the graduation ceremony.
Cap and gowns will be delivered to seniors at the Senior Class meeting in May OR via a drive up delivery if we are not back in school.
Seniors MAY NOT alter their cap or gown in any way.
Graduation Signing and Singing Auditions
All seniors are eligible to audition to sing or sign the National Anthem at graduation.  Here is the information that was sent out on Parent Square for auditions.
If you would like to audition to be a sign language interpreter for the national anthem, to sing the national anthem OR to sing an inspirational/motivational class song for TCHS’s graduation, please sign up using this link - Graduation Audition Sign Ups - and submit a video audition of yourself by May 9th to our shared onedrive folder- Graduation Singing & Signing Audition Folder:

Here are some important details about the process:

1. There will be no in-person singing or signing at the ceremony. You will be prerecorded and it will play during the virtual ceremony that will include all seniors regardless of the in person ceremony they attend.

2. The National anthem will be a cappella.

3. For the senior song, you need a background track / canned music, without a vocalist (karaoke style). No a cappella for this.

4. You may send an audition video for both the senior song and national anthem if you’d like. 1 person for each will be selected unless we have no optimal choice for the senior song based on auditions.

5. 2 sign language interpreters will be chosen unless only 1 is the optimal choice based on auditions.

6. Audition videos will be judged by TCHS staff and the students selected will be notified via e-mail and phone call. Students will then be scheduled for a time to come to Cherished Memories photography and film their song or signing in studio while wearing a cap and gown to be shown during the graduation video.

7.  If you are singing, please make sure the audio on your audition video is good with no background noise.  Both singers and signers need to film landscaped or horizontal not vertical.  When you submit, label your video- first name.last name. title of song (ex:  cari.strange.national anthem)

Questions? Contact Mrs. Strange at cari.strange@leusd.k12.ca.us or Mrs. Lofquist at christina.lofquist@leusd.k12.ca.us.