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Mr. Jamison Rieger

Jamison Rieger has been teaching drawing and painting for over 15 years. While his teaching career began in the Coachella Valley, he soon found himself at Temescal Canyon High School. Beginning in 2005, he started teaching Beginning Drawing & Painting and Advanced Drawing & Painting. Since that time, he's worked to expand TC’s art offerings to include Studio Art (Advanced Art 2nd year) and IB Studio Art. Mr. Rieger was one of the first teachers at TC to be certified teaching in the International Baccalaureate program.


Mr. Rieger brings a wide range of experience and expertise to the Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Department at TC. Originally from the Midwest, Mr. Rieger served his country in the United States Navy as a structural mechanic on the CH46 Sea Knight. He was stationed on NAS North Island and remained here, in California, after military service. Mr. Rieger then enrolled at San Diego State University where he studied painting under the tutelage of Gail Roberts, sculpture under John Rogers, crafts under Joan Austin, and jewelry design under Arline Fisch. This breadth of study in the arts provided Mr. Rieger a classical liberal education in the arts. In 1999, Mr. Rieger graduated with honors. In 2009, Mr. Rieger completed his master’s degree in Education from National University, while concurrently raising a family. Mr. Rieger currently, serves as the department chair for the Visual And Performing Arts department at Temescal Canyon High School.


“The Arts bring a deeper level of appreciation of life: An appreciation that pervades humanity beyond income, necessity, or simple preference. Although it is one of the earliest indicators of human development, it is also a primary indicator of the level of civilization's development. I am proud to be one of the educator's in this area to offer this course of study to my students and I am proud to be among so many professionals that seek to raise the status of the Lake Elsinore area."

-J. Rieger    


Drawing and Painting