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Online Success At TCHS

Hello Titans!
Follow these steps for a successful experience online as we finish out the year.
#1.) First thing you should do is download the StudentSquare app. That way you'll get all the important communication from your teachers, counselors, and administration right to your phone.
•••Start by logging in using your student [email protected]
Example of the format:
[email protected] where the numbers are your student ID #
•••Next you'll create a password. It's recommended to use your 8 digit birthday so you don't forget, but you can choose any password you like.
•••After that they will send you a registration code to your student email address ([email protected]) so you'll need to log into https://office.com (use [email protected] as the user name and your 8 digit bday as the password) and choose Outlook to access your email and the registration code. Copy that code into the app and then you'll be off and running.
#2.) Some TCHS teachers already use Remind, Outlook Email, Microsoft Teams, or other resources like Google classroom etc. etc., so don't forget to check those too and turn on those notifications.
#1.) CLEVER First log in through Clever. It will automatically log you in to all other LEUSD resources, and all you have to do is click through to where you want to go, i.e., Office365, Canvas, Microsoft Teams, etc.
Log in using your student [email protected] as the user name and your 8 digit birthday as your password.
Example of the format:
01022004 (January 2nd, 2004)
Link to Clever:
#2.) After you've logged into Clever, there are two places where you as a student are automatically rostered into your teachers classes. (Two places where you automatically show up digitally without having to be added/invited to a digital course).
***Check with your teacher which resource they prefer***
These two resources will allow you to chat/send messages, upload documents, and stay connected to your classes. If you've never used these resources before, YouTube Tutorials will be your friend, and of course, your actual friends may be able to help. :-) #bettertogether
For Microsoft Teams ---> Click here for a playlist <---
Of course, if you teachers use Google Classroom or other tools, that's great, make sure to reach out to your teachers if you have questions. You can message them through the StudentSquare app or send them an email through Outlook.