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Although there are several awards and forms of recognition given in the different programs within the Visual and Performing Arts, there are currently two awards which graduating seniors can earn from the Visual and Performing Department itself: VAPA Honors and the VAPA Department Award.

 VAPA Honors


Students who earn VAPA Honors recognition in the arts are dedicated, motivated, and creative individuals who stand apart from their peers and deserve to be recognized for their hard work and determination. Honors students are dedicated to the arts and education. This dedication is reflected in their attendance both at school, in their Arts courses, and in their performance obligations. Honors students are motivated in the arts and this motivation is evident in their co-curricular interests and activities. This can be seen in the student’s participation in a variety of art related activities. Honors students are creative and apply their interests and skill to the benefit of their peers and community. This creativity is evident to all through their efforts to share their vision and unique perspective through a VAPA department approved project that reflects these skills.


Please check the Parent Resource page on our TCHS Website to make sure that you or your student has met all of the requirements for the Visual and Performing Arts Department Honors.


To earn VAPA Honors, a senior must complete the following steps in their senior year:

  1. Submit an Honors Project Proposal
  2. Perform or complete the proposed VAPA Honors Project
    • Document the performance or completion of the honors project. This may be done through pictures of the event or activity, video, or artifacts.
  3. Complete an Honors Project Reflection
  4. Submit the Honors Project Reflection

Seniors that meet expectations for graduating with honors from the Visual and Performing Arts must show their mastery in their specific discipline of choice during their senior year. This takes the form of what we call an Honors Project. Seniors must propose an honors project and have it accepted by the department prior to beginning. Upon successful completion of the Honors Project and reflection, the award will be presented at senior awards night with a certificate of achievement and the maroon cord for the Visual and Performing Arts which they may wear with their graduation gown at graduation.


How to submit your Senior Honors Project Proposal

Note: Project proposal acceptance is based on successful and timely completion of all parts of the application. Students will have one opportunity to revise their proposal with VAPA Department recommendations.
To complete the Senior Honors Project Application go to http://goo.gl/U76H7. Be well prepared to answer the following questions:
  • When you finish or perform your project what will we see? What will the work/performance look or sound like?
  • Where do you picture your Senior Honors Project taking place or being installed?
  • How will this project enhance the environment for your community? In other words, how will this impact those who see/hear your work?
  • When will this project be completed?

How to complete the Honors Project Reflection

Using the voice recorder or video recorder on a handheld device (cell phone or tablet), create a response to the following series of questions. When you record your reflection, restate the questions in your answer. For example, the answer to question #1 might sound like this: "My name is John/Jane Doe and I am in the graduating class of <insert year of graduation here>." You may want to write out your answers prior to recording, simply ad-lib, or ask a friend to participate as an interviewer. Be creative (as I'm sure you will) and have fun!

  1. What is your full name and graduation year?
  2. How did you get started in the discipline you’ve sought honors in? (Discipline means dance, drama, music, drawing and painting, sculpture, or ceramics)
  3. Describe your project. (Feel free to go into detail about what it looks or sounds like when people hear or see it.)
  4. Specifically, what did you want to express through your work? What was the idea or feeling you wanted to communicate to those who see or hear it?
  5. What did you like about your project, or what worked out the best in it?
  6. What would you change if you were to do it again?
  7. What advice would you give future students interested in honoring in the Arts?
  8. How has participating in the Fine Arts in your high school experience made a difference for you?
  9. Why do you think the Arts are an important part of High School?
Please date and sign the release form upon submitting your reflection (available at the bottom of this page).


VAPA Department Award

VAPA Department Award recipients are selected by their instructor in their senior year. These students exhibit outstanding behavior all year long and demonstrate exceptional ability and understanding in their field. One male and one female student will be selected from each class level for this award.