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College Readiness (EAP)

Early Assessment Program (EAP)
This program determines a student's college readiness for Math and English and is determined using multiple measures.  Students take the CAASPP in the second semester of junior year.  These scores produce a result of Ready, Conditionally Ready, Not Yet Ready or Not Ready.
When a student is Not Yet Ready or Not Ready, they will be required to take the college assessments exams (EPT - English Proficiency Test and/or ELM - Entry Level Math).  Students in this category are at risk for having to take remedial level courses their first year in college.  This is expensive and students do not earn college credit for remedial courses.
Students who plan to apply to a college or university upon high school graduation are encouraged to be college ready through maintaining a grade of C or better in all of their classes, taking the PSAT every year, enrolling in math all four years of high school and challenging themselves to take Advanced, Honors and AP level English courses.
The file below outlines the detailed pathway.